To order a site, you can fill out a brief at the link: Or contact me in a way convenient for you: +38 097 07 06 040 Viber Telegram WhatsApp Based on the results of the brief analysis (or communication with you), I will be able to clarify the cost and timing of the project.

The cost of the site includes the following components:

– domain price 2$ – 20$ per year;

– hosting cost 2$ – 30$ per month;

– paid services (themes, plugins, mailing and reposting services, etc.) from $25;

– the cost of my work (150$ – 200$ one-page sites, 250$ – 300$ multi-page business card sites and corporate sites, 400$ – 600$ online stores).

In many ways, the time of creating a site is determined by the availability of ready-made content for the site (photos, text, descriptions of goods and services) from the customer.

To create a website and place customer information on it takes on average:

– 5-7 working days for a one-page site;

– 7-14 business days for a multi-page business card site, corporate site or a small online store;

– 14-25 working days for a large site, online store.

I create websites on the WordPress platform. A lot of stylish, adaptive themes and functional plugins have been created for this platform. An additional advantage is a convenient and understandable site control panel.

1. The customer buys and registers a domain and hosting for the site (if necessary, I pre-select the best options).

2. The customer pays an advance payment of 50% + the cost of the theme and plugins. In some cases, free theme options and plugins are enough.

3. Upon completion of the site creation, the customer pays the remaining 50% of the cost of my work.